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Load Balancer Provider in Delhi – India

A load balancer is a device that acts as a reverse proxy and distributes network or application traffic across a number of servers. Load balancers are used to increase capacity (concurrent users) and reliability of applications.

In computing, load balancing distributes workloads across multiple computing resources, such as computers, a computer cluster, network links, central processing units or disk drives. Load balancing aims to optimize resource use, maximize throughput, minimize response time, and avoid overload of any single resource.

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Load balancing refers to spreading a service load among multiple server systems. A hardware load balancer or software-based load balancing tool can ensure maximum service availability by offering network traffic distribution services.

For example, if your business has a primary business domain (e.g.,, you want your site available to your current customers and your potential customers 100 percent of the time. Comparing the top server load balancers (SLBs) and effectively utilizing their load-balancing capabilities will help provide this level of availability.

When technical folks discuss load balancing, they generally mean hardware load balancer devices dedicated to the task of balancing network traffic loads. A hardware load balancer is a server computer with a very specialized operating system tuned to manage network traffic using user-created rules.

From Load Balancers to Application Delivery Controllers

While these hardware load balancer devices have since evolved into what are now called application delivery controllers (ADC), load balancing remains at the heart of an ADC. Enterprises and hosting companies rely on load-balancing and ADC devices to distribute traffic to create highly available services.

In addition to providing simple distributed service to multiple servers, load balancers can help prevent denial-of-service attacks, allow legitimate users uninterrupted access to services, protect against single point of failure outages and prevent traffic bottlenecks to systems.

Today we’ll highlight a handful of the leading hardware load balancers as well as several cloud and software-based load balancer options.

Application delivery network

Commercial ADNs

A10 Networks
Avi Networks
Akamai Technologies
Alcatel-Lucent (Enterprise)
Array Networks
Barracuda Networks
Blue Coat Systems
Brocade Communications
Cisco Systems
Crescendo Networks
EdgeCast Networks
Expand Networks
F5 Networks
Foundry Networks
Instart Logic
Ipanema Technologies
Juniper Networks
KEMP Technologies
Limelight Networks
Riverbed Technology
Sun Microsystems
Zeus Technology

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